Our Main Office

Loftus Ranches

1209 Morrier Lane
Yakima, WA, 98901

(509) 452-3931


Tributary Hop Farms

1183 Indian Church Road
Granger, WA, 98932


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell hops directly to brewers?

We do not sell hops directly to brewers or home brewers at this time.

Where can I buy your hops?

US and International Commercial Brewers: YCH Hops

Domestic Organic Commercial Brewers: Organic Hops Northwest

Home Brewers: Home Brew Shops carrying YCH Products

Can I visit your farms?

Unfortunately, we are poorly equipped to provide public tours. We do occasionally provide tours to commercial brewers during harvest as a part of YCH Hops and Brew School or as arranged by YCH Sales staff. If you are interested in a harvest tour, please contact your YCH sales representative.